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Payment reminders

Three categories of payment reminders - Soft Reminders - Reminders where you can add late fees and interest - Balance reports Reminders also to customers who have open payments or credit notes - Or deselect this Collective reminder for several reminders to the same debtor - Possible to deactivate collective reminders on the debtor References - References like reg number, case number etc. can be displayed on reminders Layout - logo - Change all reminder texts - Own logo Timelines for the payment reminders A main timeline will be set up for the payment reminders, - how many reminders before an invoice is eligible for debt collection - how many days after the due date should an invoice be eligible for a payment reminder and be visual at the daily reminder list - also rules for which days of the week the daily reminder list shall be effective or whether the process for payment reminders should be done manually


Equity has many unique reports that provide good information and status Quality report - Outstanding - trend per month - Effective credit period - Interest and fee status - Cases sent to collections, including trends Payment reminders - trend and chart Debtor configuration - Timelines per debtor - Debtors who are set to no reminders - Vip debtors that will receive a balance report Open notes Open invoices - list - which shows how old the invoices are - reminder status Balance per debtor - including balance for cases sent to debt collection Paid in after payment reminders - Where you can see how much effect the payment reminders have and when customers typically pay

Late fee and interest charges

You can choose how interest charges and late fees are to be handled Selection of maximum rates for interest and fees, or desired rates Option to opt out of interest and fees for all reminders Amount limits - Possible to choose the minimum amount that must be eligible for payment reminders - Possible to create amount limits on the late fee. For example, low invoice sums get a lower one-rate fee than normal. Depreciation of interest and fees manually - They are automatically written off after 3 months anyway or 30 days after they are forwarded for debt collection Possibility to write off interest and fees automatically when the principal is paid

Daily reminder list

Send the daily reminder list to as many users as you like - Users can internally comment, make notes on, and communicate at the invoice level See send method and whether customers have supplementary information - Missing debtor information for delivery of reminders Change status per invoice - You can put an invoice on hold or on hold until a date Change payment reminder timeline for the debtors

Open notes

A separate report on all open notes that have not been matched or linked to an invoice Possible to opt out of payment reminders being sent to debtors who have open notes, or vice versa The balance report to debtors will specify the open notes The payment reminders display if there are open notes that have an effect on the balance, and by logging into Equity, you can see the complete picture of your Ledger

Smart delivery

Standard forsendelse er email og post Smart forsendelse er Efaktura 2.0 til privat og EHF til bedrift

Invoice copy

The customers can log in to Equity and see or download all invoice copies Choice of whether to always send payment reminders where the invoice is attached as page 2

Customer login

See the entire ledger - also invoices that have been forwarded to debt collection - Open notes - Closed records - All records Invoice copy Copy of reminders Communicate with creditor or Equity Notifications to the debtor/customer - Correspondence - Login to your own portal - To as many users as you want

Account manager

As a starting point, you yourself are the account manager You can upgrade to receive service from Equity's authorized account managers - Takes all communication with the customers/debtors - Contact point for both invoice follow-up and debt collection - Support

Accountant solution

Equity has developed a separate agency solution that makes it easy to manage many companies in one solution and in one image - can also be called a Group solution See information for all companies in the same image - Outstanding receivables - Open notes - Daily reminder list - Debt collection overview - Statistics and status - Administer users - Manage account managers - Manage holiday and pause in the reminder process - Logo - own logo in the solution Notifications as group/agency/partner - To as many users as you want - Daily reminder list - Ready for payment reminders (manual payment reminder solution) - Open notes - Invoices eligible for collection


As a starting point, Equity has a preferred debt collection agency associated with it - However, it is possible to choose the collection agency you want - This requires a desire for cooperation from both parties Automatic or manual transmission of invoices to debt collection - Ready for collection - Invoices that have a balance and that have received a debt collection notice - These are the cases that will automatically be forwarded to debt collection On hold tab - manual processing - Whether there are open notes on the debtor that have not been linked or matched with an invoice in the ledger and have an effect on the balance - If only interest and fees remain Invoices that have a balance ready for collection - Put on hold if there is an open posting that has not been booked in the financial system Integration for debt collection - Sending invoices to the debt collection process - Send payments made to the creditor after the invoice has been transferred to debt collection - Login to your web portal at the collection agency

Credit check

Not up and running yet

Payment reminders in different currencies

Sent in English or Scandinavian language Sent by email Only interest is calculated and no fee is charged on reminders in foreign currency

Different currency

Sent in English or Scandinavian language Sent by email Only interest is calculated and no fee is charged on reminders in foreign currency


Notifications to you as a creditor with important and useful information Quality report - trends Paid in after payment reminders Daily reminder list Eligible for payment reminders (manual reminder solution) Open notes Eligible for collection Monthly billing

Sync with ERP systems

By default, all points below are updated three times a day The open - invoices - credit notes - payments Customer information - debtor - name - address - mobile no - org number / person number Reference/case number Invoice copy Payments - date of payment and amount paid - payments for invoices forwarded to debt collection Added interest and fee from Equity - posted in the financial system when reminders are sent out - is settled when there are matching payments is posted and set off negatively when interest and fees are written off - or 30 days after cases are late for collection Historical data on all invoices, in financial systems that have this option in the API